Holy Baptism

How do I arrange to get my child Baptised (Christened?)

Your child is precious to you and to God; we are delighted to help you take one of the most important steps in your child's early life.

In Baptism (Christening) you are thanking God for this gift of life; you are making a decision to start your child on a journey of faith; you are asking the Church for help on this journey.


Some questions and answers about your child's Baptism

I do not got to church, can I still have my child baptised in St James's Parish?
  • Yes; St James regularly Baptises children whose parents do not attend church; however, many of these new parents now enjoy Christian fellowship  

What does Baptism cost?
  • Nothing; Baptism is a free church service. This important event is signified by your child receiving a lighted candle to represent the Light of Christ, and a Baptism certificate signed by the Vicar. 

Is there a correct age to have my child Baptised?
  • No; Baptism can take place at any age.
What is the difference between Baptsim and Christening?
  • None; they are the same, although Baptism is applied to any age group, whilst Christening is generally applied to children.

Do I need godparents for my child's Baptism?
  • Yes; godparents are very important people in the life of your child. Godparents attend the Baptism service and make promises to help your child in their Christian life. 

Children are normally brought for Baptism in the parish where their parents live and/or worship - please see below for the parish boundaries . If you do not live in this parish you will be asked to show a special connection to St James's and to contact your own priest for good will.

Please email or call 01903 750286 to enquire, alternatively please complete the Baptism Application and return to the above email address

A member of our Baptism Team will arrange to visit you, and you will be asked to attend an informal preparation meeting at which the date and time for the baptism will be chosen and other arrangements finalized. 

Parish Boundaries              

For most purposes St James's is thrilled to welcome anyone who chooses to come to our worship and events. But for Baptisms, residence in the parish is generally required.  St James's Parish is that part of Lancing within the following boundaries:

South - the Railway Line (Lancing South of the railway line is St Michael's Parish - see link)

East - the River Adur, excluding Shoreham Airport, which is Shoreham Beach Parish.

West - the middle of Boundstone Lane and a line projecting from it north to the Downs and

South to the railway line (West of Boundstone Lane is Sompting Parish).

North - the Downs

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