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  • Christmas Tree Festival 2017

                 & Church Banner Exhibition

       St James the Less Church, North Lancing

    We will be holding a Christmas Tree Festival and Church Banner Exhibition between Friday 1st December and Sunday December 3rd 2017. We will be charging for admission to the event.

    Opening times:-

    Friday 6.00pm-8pm, Saturday 10.00am-4.00pm, Sunday 2.00pm- 4.00pm

    We hope to fill the Church with lots of decorated Christmas Trees displayed by groups, businesses or schools from the Parish. In the Hall will be an impressive set of hand made Church Banners. We are keen to welcome as many people to see the displays as possible in the Parish Church and in the Parish Hall. Refreshments will be available.

    If you either as a group, business or school would like to display a tree at the Festival the following information will help you:

    1. There is a minimum charge of £5.00 for displaying a tree at the Festival.
    2. You may use a real or artificial tree-we suggest no taller than 1.25cms (six foot). Each exhibitor may use any theme to decorate the tree. You may wish to advertise or promote yourself by putting publicity material around the tree. Please tell us in advance if you are bringing a pop-up banner so we may allocate space accordingly.
    3. Lights (battery or mains operated) may be used on your tree. We ask that flashing or musical lights are not used and that all lights conform to British Safety Standards.
    4. The trees should be set up either on:

           Wednesday November 29th between 6.00pm and 8.30pm

           or Thursday November 30th between 9.15am-12 noon or 2-5.00pm

           The church will then close until the evening preview.

          Trees should be removed on Monday December 4th between 9.00am and 12 noon.

           5. Your space must be booked in advance- please complete the enclosed form and return with the 

               fee (cheques made payable to St James the Less PCC) to The Parish Office, Mill Road, North

               Lancing BN15 as soon as possible, but certainly by November 8th Early application guarantees a


    1. The trees will be judged on the morning of Friday December 1st. Prizes awarded for most innovative. There will also be a prize resulting from visitors voting.


                              Keith Ridgway 01903 418424 & Chris Diebel:lesstreasurer@gmail.com



    St James the Less Church, North Lancing


    Friday 1st December to Sunday December 3rd 2017


    A wonderful opportunity to be creative and publicise your group, business or school



    Please complete and return by November 8th 2017.



    Name of organisation/group/business/school_______________________________




    Contact details:






    Postcode____________________________ Contact number:___________________


    Email address:_________________________________________________________



    I enclose the entrance fee of at least £5                  (   ) (Cheques payable to St James the Less PCC)


    I would like an electric socket for lights                   (   )



    Probable height of tree________________________



    Please return to St James the Less Parish Office, Mill Lane, Lancing, BN15 0PT